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Welcome to the SRM Registry

This registry provides the following services for the users of the ISO/IEC 18026 (SRM):
  • Browse or Search:
    • the SRM entries in the standard (including any deprecated entries)
    • the SRM entries in the register (including any deprecated entries)
    • any submitted entries awaiting approval, and not yet part of the register
  • Submit proposals of new SRM entries for inclusion in the register
  • Subscribe to the various mailing lists for announcements and notifications

What is the SRM...

The Spatial Reference Model (SRM) provides the conceptual model and the methodologies that allow the description, and transformation or conversion, of geometric properties within or among spatial reference frames. The SRM supports unambiguous specification of the positions, directions, distances, and times associated with spatial information. It also defines algorithms for precise transformation of positions, directions and distances among different spatial reference frames. The SRM includes the following features:

  • precise and uniform definitions of commonly used spatial coordinate systems, including those based on map projections,
  • spatial referencing support for physical spatial objects, including artificial objects and non-terrestrial celestial bodies, as well as abstract spatial objects,
  • spatial operations on positions and directions, including coordinate conversions and transformations, and calculations of distances and other geometric quantities, along with an application program interface for performing these spatial operations,
  • codes and labels to support the encoding and exchange of spatial data,
  • an extensible framework that supports the registration of additional instances of SRM concepts, and
  • profiles to allow subsets of the SRM to be defined to conform to the specific requirements of an application or an application domain.

For more information on the SRM, as well as the standard itself, please visit the SRM home page.

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